Over 50 combined years of medical practice and product innovation

Wyatt Unger, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Unger received his B.A. in economics from Northwestern University, M.D. from the University of Arizona College of Medicine with Alpha Omega Alpha honors, and MBA from the University of Arizona Eller College of Business.  Dr. Unger completed diagnostic radiology residency training at Arizona, where he also completed a fellowship in Abdominal MRI imaging. Dr. Unger has authored multiple peer-reviewed abstracts and journal publications, worked as a consultant in clinical development and clinical trial design for Nuvox Pharmaceutical and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Microvascular Therapeutics where he is overseeing clinical development and clinical trial design for their pharmaceutical candidate MVT-100.

Evan C. Unger, MD, FACR

Managing Director

Evan Unger M.D. is a renowned expert on ultrasound contrast media. He founded MVT to advance the field of ultrasound contrast agents and theranostics. Dr. Unger has also founded three other biotech companies. His first company, ImaRx Pharmaceutical, developed 3 FDA approved drugs, including Definity®, the world’s #1 selling ultrasound contrast agent. ImaRx Pharmaceutical was acquired by DuPont yielding a > 20x ROI. Dr. Unger’s second company, ImaRx Therapeutics, went public and performed clinical trials using ultrasound and microbubbles to treat ischemic stroke. Dr. Unger co-founded NuvOx, a clinical-stage biotech company that is in Phase II trials for stroke and brain cancer. He is a co-inventor on the issued U.S. patent covering MVT-100 and also an inventor on 114 other issued US patents. He is a board-certified radiologist and has an appointment as a Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona and serves as President and CEO of NuvOx Pharma. As a consultant for MVT, Dr. Unger helps the Company with its overall strategy.

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