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Microvascular Therapeutics selected as a Participant in the 2024 Landmark Venture Forum

Microvascular Therapeutics selected as a Participant in the 2024 Landmark Venture Forum

[Tucson, AZ] – Microvascular Therapeutics Inc. (MVT), a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering the development of the next generation of microbubbles to unlock the therapeutic potential of ultrasound, is honored to announce its selection to participate in the prestigious 2024 Landmark Venture Forum.


The Landmark Venture Forum, a virtual event attracting Angel and Family Office communities, has chosen MVT as one of the featured companies seeking funding. Bryan Unger, Director of Business Development, was entrusted with presenting MVT's innovative initiatives.


“We are excited to have had MVT as a presenter at the forum. Their compelling nanobubble technology and capital efficiency made them an appealing prospect for the investment community,” remarked William Podd, President, and Executive Director of Landmark Angels. "The Landmark Venture Forum provided an ideal platform for showcasing MVT and our groundbreaking technology. We've seen positive engagement from investors who attended our presentation. With our convertible note nearly 20% subscribed, we anticipate that this forum will further accelerate our progress," stated Bryan Unger, Director of Business Development at MVT.


Currently, MVT has an open convertible note aiming to raise $5 million. This funding will empower the company to advance their contrast agent to the New Drug Application (NDA) stage and progress their other technologies in oncology and deep vein thrombosis to the clinical stage.


About Microvascular Therapeutics (MVT):

Microvascular Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, and is a pioneering force in microbubble and nanobubble technology. MVT's mission is to develop the next generation of contrast agents for diagnostic ultrasound, advancing the field for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including vascular diseases. MVT has developed a new, patented microbubble that serves as a platform for the development of agents for molecular imaging and image-guided therapy. Learn more at [](


About Landmark Venture Forum:

The Landmark Venture Forum is specifically tailored for the Angel, Family Office, and High Net Worth (HNW) investor communities. The forum features presentations from a curated selection of companies seeking funding, an expert panel discussion, and a ‘Landmark Investor Roundtable’ featuring angel and family office investors.

Company Contact:

Microvascular Therapeutics

Dr. Evan C. Unger, Chairman BOD

Dr. Emmanuelle Meuillet, COO/CSO


Investor Contact:

Bryan Unger

T: 520.907.3537

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